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What are the Unknown Features of EA FC 24?

EA Sports FC 24, as the latest installment in the FIFA series, not only changes its name but also introduces many innovations in terms of game content and gameplay. This article will introduce you to some of the lesser-known features of EA FC 24, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of its uniqueness when playing this football game.EA FC 24 game has attracted many old players to start buy EA FC 24 coins again.

Seven Weapons for Attacking

In EA FC 24, the three key elements of attacking - ball control, dribbling, and passing - have been significantly enhanced. These enhancements not only improve the realism of the game but also increase the strategic dimension during matches. For example, "Controlled First Touch" allows players to change their direction with the ball at the moment of receiving it, thus shaking off the defender's marking. Additionally, the game introduces two new dribbling features: "Controlled Dribble" and "Orbital Dribble," enabling players to quickly change direction and speed while maintaining high-speed dribbling, making it easier to escape opponents' defense.

The Trend Defense

EA FC 24 has also made corresponding adjustments to defense. The defensive positioning, especially in zone defense, has received more design attention. In high-pressure defense, AI defenders will automatically follow some players on the passing routes, enhancing the intensity of forward marking and close defending by the defenders. Furthermore, "Pressure Defense" has become smarter; defenders no longer blindly follow all players and can maintain the integrity of the defense line while under high pressure.

Rich Game Styles

In EA FC 24, player attributes have been greatly enhanced and replaced by what is known as "Player Styles" and "Player Styles+". These attributes can be understood as passive skills in other games, and players with these attributes can trigger and enhance them under certain conditions. For example, "Driven Shot" allows players to achieve faster animation and higher accuracy when shooting with a curled shot, while "Technique" enhances "Controlled Dribble," increasing dribbling speed.

Evolution Mechanism

EA FC 24 introduces the "Evolution" mechanism for the first time, allowing players to actively participate in player development. By completing a series of challenges such as participating in specific matches and achieving certain data with designated players, players can receive rewards agreed upon in the quest, including overall rating, sub-item ratings, preferred positions, flair star ratings, weak foot star ratings, and even improvements to newly added game styles. This mechanism gives players more control over player development and makes the game more interesting.

More Diverse Tactical Options

In EA FC 24, players can choose suitable players based on their preferences and tactical needs. Players with different attributes can play a greater role in different tactical systems. Wingers with crosses are better suited for delivering low crosses, while wingers with curled shots are more suitable for cutting inside to shoot. This design makes tactical changes more diverse in the game and provides players with more challenges and enjoyment.

Improvements to Player Career Mode

EA FC 24 has made improvements to the player career mode in many aspects. The performance of AI teammates is more realistic, post-match player ratings have been optimized, and a new agent system makes player transfers more targeted. However, there are still issues with this mode, such as the fast pace of the game and similar playing styles among different teams. Despite these problems, EA FC 24's player career mode has made progress in many areas, providing players with a more realistic and enjoyable gaming experience.

EA FC 24 has made innovations and improvements in many aspects, whether it is attacking, defending, or tactical choices, bringing players a richer and more enjoyable gaming experience. Although there are still some issues with this game, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting games that attracted both new and old players to buy FC 24 Coins.

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