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Refund Policy

Coincoinspro allows buyers to apply for refunds for order transactions under reasonable conditions.


We may issue a refund in the following cases:

1. The buyer did not receive the delivery of the product after payment:

If the order is not delivered to the buyer, in this case, the buyer can apply for a refund.

2. Double-paid for only one order:

If the buyer accidentally double-paid for the order, in this case, we will follow the buyer's willingness. If the buyer needs only once paid refund, we will proceed refund ASAP. If the buyer needs the full amount refund, we will also proceed the full amount refund only if the order is not delivered.

3. Payment verification is incompleted:

In order to ensure that the payment for the order is the actual payment account holder, we sometimes require the buyer to provide some information to verify that it is the actual payment person. If the buyer refuses or does not respond to our request within 7 days, the order will be cancelled and refunded immediately.

4. The actual payment amount of the order does not match the order amount:

When the buyer's actual payment amount is less than the order amount, we will confirm with the buyer. If the buyer wanna delivery, we will negotiate with the buyer to deliver the quantity of goods corresponding to the actual payment amount. If the buyer needs a refund or does not accept the product that should be delivered, we will refund the order operation immediately.

5. Due to virtual goods, buyer refunds do not need to pay any shipping or handling fee.


We cannot issue refunds to buyers in the following cases:

1. The order has been completed for delivery:

We have delivered the order item to the buyer according to the order information.

2. The order is actually unpaid:

Buyers cannot apply for refunds for orders that have not been actually paid for. Whether the order is actually paid or not is subject to whether the receiving account has a receipt record.


Regarding refunds, please contact our customer service under reasonable conditions, and buyer’s refund request will be verified after buyer submit order number and the reason for the refund. If the request is approved, the refund will be returned to the buyer's account or bank card. Refund processing time is 1-3 business days.


*Notice: If buyer paid with "paysafecard", buyer should provide an available Paypal or Skrill e-wallet account to get the refund amount.

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