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The highlight of The Lost Ark

The highlight of The Lost Ark is the exquisite character modeling and maps of various scenes. It is very playable and very popular. What drives the huge success of the game today is its sense of strike and action design.

The feel of a game's attack largely depends on the performance of the game, the difference between different attack methods, and the feedback between the attacker and the attacking object. In short, if the attacks of the greatsword and the glove are differentiated enough, and if the light attack combo and the detonation of the heavy attack have different reactions on the monster.

These elements combine organically, and it finally leaves. loss. The Ark became famous,and many players buy cheap lost ark gold coins.

However, recently the game servers always crashed and many Lost Ark players often come across situations where they are unable to connect to the server.

But recently, the game server has always crashed, and many Lost Ark players often come across the situation that they can't connect to the server.

In one case, when you enter the game, you are told that you cannot connect to the server, that is, you cannot enter the game;

One case is that the connection drops during the game and then indicates that the server cannot connect;

There are two main reasons for this problem. One of the reasons is unstable network leading to game server disconnection. There is no problem with the player's IP, game and server.

Another reason is that everyone has found it recently, because the game officials have adjusted and restricted the accounts that can be robot players, so the game officials will kick them out of line.

Therefore, the Lost Ark steam server in Europe and America was taken offline. One is to use the game accelerator to speed up the game, and then enter the game. If you can't get in, you can try switching nodes.

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