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The best defensive setup in FC 24 Ultimate Team

When players first enter the world of EA Sports FC 24, they may quickly find themselves powerless against absurd goals and unsure of how to defend effectively. However, there is no need to be discouraged as many experienced players are willing to share their tips and advice to help newcomers overcome these challenges. It should be noted that EA FC 24 Coins recharges cannot replace basic game skills and strategies. Only when you have mastered the basic defensive skills and can proficiently apply various strategies, can gold coin recharges bring out their maximum effect.

How to defend in EA Sports FC 24

Defense is an important part of any football game, including EA Sports FC 24. For beginners or players with lower skill levels, a useful tip is to disable the "Advanced Defense" setting. This option can usually be found in the settings menu. By enabling this option, players can better control the way they tackle, but they will lose automatic assistance. Automatic assistance is usually responsible for positioning players correctly and selecting the type of tackle.

However, this setting is not always ideal. If players encounter problems when inputting commands, it may be because this option has been activated. In such cases, it is recommended to deactivate this option and practice more until players can better control the situation on the field. The activation of this option is only recommended when players have gained extensive experience.

Furthermore, if players modify the default controls of the game, they will not be able to remap them to use advanced defense, which will become another issue to face. Therefore, for new players, it may be a better choice to keep the default settings and practice the basics.

Importance of practice

Another key to improving defensive skills is to take advantage of the practice areas provided by the game. EA FC 24 allows players to set up various scenarios for practice, such as one-on-one defense, passing between players, interceptions, etc. This is very useful for improving dribbling and interception skills. Through repeated practice, players can become familiar with different defensive scenarios and improve their skills in practice.

Offense is important

While defense is crucial for preventing opponents from scoring goals, offense is equally important. After all, you need to get the ball into your opponent's goal to score points. In terms of offense, a suggestion is to use precise shooting and control the shooting direction with the left joystick. This can be activated in the game settings but requires a lot of practice to master. Another technique is to use precise passing, which will make your passes more accurate. Combining these techniques with creative running positions, you will be able to break through your opponent's defense and create more goal-scoring opportunities.

In EA Sports FC 24, defense is an important skill that every player must master. However, sometimes relying solely on skills may not be enough to overcome all challenges. In such cases, gold coin recharges or buy EA FC coins become a worthwhile option as it allows you to quickly strengthen your team's configuration and further enhance your defensive capabilities.

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