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Lost Ark's April and May Update Route

At the beginning of last month, "Lost Ark" announced the update route for April and May, the specific contents are as follows:

Martial Artist Advancement - Glaivier, with two different skill sets, uses spears and broadswords to launch violent attacks with graceful gestures.The new continent South Vern, as the second third-level continent under the Punika region, can only be entered by players with item level 1340.The Destroyer will become the fourth warrior advanced occupation.In May, Guardian Raid Deskaluda and Legion Raid Valtan will be added, and the item level limit is 1415.In addition, there will be enough players to be able to participate in the highest-level copy in May. The Lost Ark This game tells the story of players becoming stronger step by step on their journey to find the Ark.

This game is set in the Middle Ages. The buildings and various landscapes in the game screen are gorgeous and spectacular. It is also very attractive. For example, the battle master can use a system similar to gas storage to release big moves, while the demon hunter can change the firearms, and the tarot master can switch between different tarots to attack.Players need to accumulate more cheap Lost Ark gold coins to open the latest column.

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