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How to play Light and Dark Wolf Challenge of The Lost Ark

The Lost Ark is considered the most successful MMORPG game in recent years with a medieval background. Players must always level up their equipment in this game,not just by buying Lost Ark gold coins. In the original level, there may be very little material used, but at the 1385 equipment level, the player needs to challenge T5 Berganus, the Light and Dark Wolf, to obtain the items to upgrade the equipment. If you're interested in Berganus's playing skill guide, check it out.

Attract the boss to a clean position, slow rain can continue to play output, rain circle full and then hide a little, fast rain directly dodge, gap continue to output, can solve the rain.

The Light and Dark Wolf has three stages and involves eight skills:

The light and dark wolf glow yellow, and then disappear to charge at you, in the disappearance of the moment of displacement can be dodged, generally just meet will be released.

Suddenly sideways, yellow light on both sides, do not move to continue to output on the line, if you eat the first stage of damage can be displaced out of the light dark wolf skill range, the second stage of damage will become higher and can not dodge.

Slap the tail, stand behind the light and dark wolf, if you eat this skill light and dark wolf, the probability will directly kill the move to spit black paint.

The front spray black paint, the damage is extremely high, the omen is the body can be countered blue light, but it is also an output point, standing on the side of the output can be, generally shoot the tail to give you the fly to make up for this killing move, so it must be left to roll over, the set of basic must die.

Charge, the body counter blue light after the charge, the same side dodge can.

Landing cross,the ground and the light and dark wolf out of a large golden light, and then flying, the ground out of a golden large-range circle, light and dark wolf landing and then the cross direction spewing golden light, the location of the golden range circle can be, observe the cross light, output in a safe place, is also an output point.

Shoot the ground three times, the omen is that a solid yellow circle will appear on the ground, and then shoot the ground three times, the damage is very high, pull away from the line, but also a long-range output point.

Spray ball, omen is two black balls in front of and behind the body, standing on the side of the output, an output point.

This is the challenge mechanic of the Lost Ark Light dark wolf, and players who want to buy cheap Lost Ark gold can follow us for the latest game discounts.

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