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How to Farm Gold in Lost Ark

Gold in Lost Ark is one of the main currencies in the game. Gold has many uses and you can grow it in the game. Many players struggle to get the gold they need for their characters. For trading purposes and to improve your gameplay, you need a lot of gold in the game.

Obtaining Lost ark gold is a bit difficult and takes a lot of time and effort in the game.

While it's hard to get lost ark gold in-game, if you know where to farm gold efficiently, you can get a lot of gold in a short amount of time for a great gaming experience in the game.

Here are some of the ways you can get a lot of gold:

1. Improve relationships and spend time with the NPC relationship

2. Complete all Una's daily and weekly missions

3. Perform all Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid activities

4. Make profits from the market and the auction house by selling items

5. Complete all ticketed content

6. Complete the events of the Raccoon compass

7. Create items from Life Skills

8. Perform cooperative navigation missions

9. Collect masterpieces for Alfonso (NPC)

10. Disassemble and sell items you don't need

11. Buy game gold for real money

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