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FIFA23 player moment Danjuma

FIFA23 player moment Danjuma

The EA today announced FIFA23 Player Moments Danjuma SBC to celebrate his second win in the 2021 and 22 Champions League group stages against Atlanta. Total rating 85LM, SBC cost about 50,000, expires on October 15.



4 skrill moves and 4 Weak Foot, right foot, height 178cm, mentality H/M, body type, real face. 

There are high-speed dribbling, long-range shooting, genius talents

Acceleration type: Sprint


His Pugin is very good to use, and this player is fully upgraded at all times. Accelerate 88, run 93, very fast. In terms of shooting, the offensive positioning is 84, the finishing is 88, the shoot power is 84, the long-shooting is 81, and the success rate of shooting in the penalty area is very high. Although there is no talent for rubbing, the success rate of green rubbing is not low. The shooting action is relatively fast, and the overall shooting performance is very good. In terms of passing, vision 82, crossing 81, short passing 83, long passing 70, cross and short pass as a striker is enough, do the ball is no problem.


In terms of dribbling, 4 skrill moves + medium size, not tall, the overall dribbling is very good, the combination of people and balls is relatively close, the action connection is not particularly fast, but it is relatively good, the ball control is very good, it is not easy to be broken. Although the strength is 73, it performs well in the game, and the physical confrontation can be. H/M mentality, offensive AI is good, front plug running position is positive.


Shooting is the highlight of this card, and it is recommended to play ST. The price of 50,000 is very cheap, and Dutch nationality is also easier to mix and match. If you play La Liga or the Netherlands, missing an ST, it is recommended to buy this card!


Where it can be strengthened, it is recommended to use a terminator, add shooting and dribbling.


FIFA23 leaked latest activity next weekend

The latest news, after this week's FIFA23 RTTK event, next weekend is about to usher in a new event for FIFA23 rule breakers, which may last for 2 weeks.