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FC 24 Strategy Edition: Predictions and Expectations for EA's New Game

Following EA's split with FIFA, the gaming market has been eagerly anticipating the new game, EA Sports FC 24. Now that EA Sports FC 24 has achieved great sales, EA seems to not be satisfied with this and plans to launch a new football game called FC Strategy Edition in January next year. This game will only be available on mobile platforms, and from the currently available information, it appears that this game will bring a completely new gaming experience to players.

First, let's understand the game mode of FC Strategy Edition. The original name of the game is "Tactical," which means tactical formation and is similar to the concept of "strategy" in the gaming industry. From the official information released so far, FC Strategy Edition may not fully adopt the chess-like game mode but instead use a simplified image similar to the Football Manager (FM) series. In this mode, players can pause the game at any time during the match, without the need for full control, focusing more on building a team rather than competing in micro-hand speed.

From this perspective, FC Strategy Edition is highly suitable for mobile platforms, as it allows players to engage in the game during fragmented time, pausing at any time, without the need for prolonged mental focus. This is significantly different from EA's previous football game for Android and iOS, FIFA Football World (now renamed FC Football World). The old version was an action sports game similar to console and PC versions, requiring players to manually control players during matches.

Furthermore, FC Strategy Edition may adopt a turn-based strategy game mode, meaning that the match will proceed in turns. This mode reminds players of games like Football, Tactics & Glory. In this mode, players need to advance the game by making different choices, with the success of these choices depending on the ability differences between the opposing players and the "check and balance" among various options.

It is reported that FC 24 Strategy Edition will cover more than ten leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1, with over 5,000 real players available. Coupled with various rich elements such as management and strategy, this game is undoubtedly worth looking forward to. Although the official release date has not been explicitly revealed, the Apple App Store has shown that the game will be officially available for download on January 18, 2024.

As a new addition to EA's football game lineup, FC 24 Strategy Edition boasts significant innovation in both game mode and gameplay. This game has the potential to attract more players on mobile platforms and add weight to EA's competitiveness in the gaming market. Let's look forward to the surprises that FC Strategy Edition will bring.

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