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EA Sports FC 24 is once again number one updated on November 25

The latest UK sales chart has been updated on November 25, with EA Sports FC 24 taking the lead at number one, while Hogwarts Legacy is firmly in second place. In addition, Call of Duty 20 Modern Warfare 3, Super Mario Brothers Marvel, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and other games also scored in the top 10.

The success of EA Sports FC 24 has not been easy. In 2022, EA and FIFA announced that they would stop working together, allegedly because FIFA demanded that EA pay a $1 billion licensing fee to use the FIFA name, which EA refused to do. This undoubtedly posed a huge challenge for EA, but EA managed to overcome it with its unique strategy and excellent execution.

In EA Sports FC 24, the player card is a very important part of the game. Players can purchase and exchange player cards to form their own football teams. An important way to get these player cards is to use the in-game currency - coins.

As the virtual currency in EA Sports FC 24, the value of gold is very significant. Players can earn coins by completing various tasks, and then use these coins to buy their favorite player cards in the market. However, for some players who are busy or want to quickly improve their strength, they are more inclined to directly recharge to buy EA FC 24 coins.

After purchasing player cards with gold coins, players also need to properly manage these players, such as adjusting the layout and tactics of the team according to the characteristics and performance of the players, in order to play the best effect in the game. Therefore, it is both a challenge and fun for players to top up their coins, buy player cards and manage their teams.

EA doesn't necessarily need FIFA's brand name. Because the game publisher has its own licensing arrangements with the football leagues, players and communities represented in the game. This means that, despite the absence of the FIFA name, EA can still rely on its own strength to attract players. In fact, EA Sports President Cam Weber said in a statement that EA Sports FC 24 not only brought back existing fans, but also increased "new" players by nearly 20 percent. It certainly proves that EA's strategy is a success.

The Legacy of Hogwarts, meanwhile, held on to second place in the sales chart. As a role-playing game based on the Harry Potter series, the game has been widely loved by players with its rich plot and good game experience. In addition, being in a mysterious magical world, players can freely explore the campus, unlock new magical skills, and build relationships with other students, all of which add more fun to the game, thus attracting a large number of players.

Call of Duty 20 Modern Warfare 3 is also high on the list. "Call of Duty" series as a classic military shooting game, with its real battlefield environment and tense and exciting combat experience, won the love of players. In the latest Call of Duty 20 Modern Warfare 3, the development team added more new elements and innovative design on the basis of the original, so as to improve the game's playability.

Super Mario Bros Amazing, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo Switch Sports, Assassin's Creed Fantasy, Mortal Kombat 1, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor also performed well, successfully entering the top 10 sales list. These games have their own characteristics, whether it is a classic role-playing game, or a hot-blooded fighting game, or an innovative sports game, which brings a different game experience to the players.

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