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Do you like EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode?

For most EA Sports FC 24 players, the Ultimate Team mode (UT mode) is the most appealing part of the game. In this mode, players can draw card packs to earn different player cards and build their own club, start personal challenges, or play online battles.The players maybe buy EA FC 24 coins online. Card packs can be purchased through the store and exchanged for FC points or in-game currency. Different types of packs offer different content, including players, consumables (such as contracts and healing items), decorations (such as team crests, uniforms, and courts), and staff (such as managers). These items can be used for their own use or sold on the transfer market.

While there may be a dozen items in a card pack, only the player card actually has real value. However, even player cards are divided into different tiers and their value varies widely. Strikers like Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe and midfielders like Kevin De Bruyne are excellent player cards who could be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions in the transfer market. However, some of the less capable players are in the range of a few thousand to tens of thousands, while a lesser-known player may only be worth a few hundred. In addition to the current players, there are also cards of various grades such as legendary players in the UT mode, allowing legendary stars like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho to once again appear on the green field. However, for the average player, the million-level player card value may only discourage them.

However, Players who spend less don't mean they can't survive in UT mode. As player cards in EA Sports FC 24's transfer market depreciate as the game becomes available and the card pool fills up, many veteran players choose to open packs and sell high-value players in large quantities at the start of the game's release. When the price of a player depreciates significantly, they buy back those players, and thus may have a full roster of stars in the later stages because of one or two high-value cards in the early stages. In addition, UT mode also provides a way to obtain card packs by completing tasks. For example, in the "Moment" mode, according to the mission prompts, you can earn star rewards by cultivating skills and completing star stories in this mode, which can be exchanged for card packs in the special shop. In addition, EA Sports FC 24 UT's Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Missions give you a large number of card packs, and while most of these items are not tradable, they are also very useful for your own use. In addition, the SBC mode in UT mode allows players to form a team and consume redundant players according to mission prompts to earn various card pack rewards. Players can also earn in-game currency by playing Squad Battles in single-player modes,and accumulate capital when buying players in the later stages.

In UT mode,the players have less times to buy FC 24 coins may not be able to compare with paid players in the early stages of the game, but in the middle and late stages of the game, the gap in player quality will not be so big, and victory will depend more on the actual operation and strategy on the field. Whether it's from a player collection standpoint or a gameplay experience standpoint, UT mode provides players with a rich variety of challenges and fun, making it an integral part of EA Sports FC 24.

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