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Best Defensive Configuration in FC 24 Ultimate Team

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, defense is the key to winning. But when facing different difficulty opponents, how to adjust strategies and configurations to ensure your defense is impeccable?

Each player in EA FC 24 may experience two situations: the opponent is too easy, so victory seems effortless; or the opponent is too strong, with each attack like a storm, making it difficult to cope. At this time, adjusting the difficulty settings of the opponent's team becomes particularly important, as it provides a more personalized and balanced gaming experience.

Of course, for different difficulty opponents, our defensive configuration also needs targeted adjustments.Not only EA FC 24 coins are valid.

For beginners or new players, it is recommended to use the "Semi-Professional" or "Professional" difficulty setting to start the game. Under this difficulty level, the opponent's attack strategy is relatively simple, which gives new players time to familiarize themselves with the game mechanism and learn basic defensive skills. At this time, the best defensive configuration should focus on midfield control and backline organization. It is recommended to use a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 formation, ensuring that there are enough people in the midfield to intercept opponent passes, while the backline can be firmly in place without easily making mistakes.

For returning players, the "World Class" difficulty setting may be the best choice. Under this difficulty level, the opponent will be smarter, and their attack methods will also be more diverse. At this time, the defensive configuration needs to pay more attention to strategy. A 5-3-2 or 4-1-4-1 formation is suitable, as it can maintain midfield control while enhancing the hierarchy of the back line, making it difficult for the opponent to penetrate into dangerous areas.

For seasoned players looking for greater challenges, the "Legendary" and "Ultimate" difficulty settings will be their preferred choices. Under such high difficulty levels, the opponent's attacks will be like waves of rain, with almost perfect every pass and run. At this time, the defensive configuration needs to have extremely high strategy and coordination. A 3-5-2 or 3-4-3 formation is suitable, as it maintains defensive stability while also emphasizes midfield competition and pressure on the forward line, making it difficult for the opponent to launch an attack easily.

In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, besides adjusting the difficulty to achieve a balanced gaming experience, recharging gold coins is also an important way to improve team strength. When players face powerful opponents, using EA FC 24 coins to buy advanced players or equipment can quickly improve the team's defensive capabilities.

However, regardless of which difficulty and defensive configuration you choose, the key lies in the cooperation and coordination between players. Only by truly understanding the intention of teammates can you defend perfectly and make opponents unable to move.

To adjust the difficulty settings of EA FC 24, please follow these steps:

Enter the main menu of EA FC 24.

Scroll left and select "Settings."

Select "Game Settings."

Use the shoulder key to scroll to the "Match" tab.

Select "Difficulty Level" and select the desired difficulty setting.

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